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According to statistics provided by the National Center for Education Statistics during the 2015-2016 school year, there were 6.7 million students who received special education services. Meaning 14% of the public-school population has an IEP. 


Determining whether your child needs an IEP can be tricky and going through the process can be even trickier.  For a lot of parents, the IEP process can be confusing and to advocate for your child within the public-school system often is a lonely place.  Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself in a predicament where your child needs help that you can’t provide. Being Trapped in the red tape and sometimes heartless dynamics within the public-school system may leave you feeling powerless as your child treads water in a system that in many cases isn’t designed to truly meet their needs and therefore negatively impacts their future. When tough issues arise, a lack of knowledge and understanding of education law can leave your child holding the short end of the stick.

The National Council on Disability states that in, 2011 85% of youth in juvenile detention facilities have special education qualifying disabilities. After numerous districts adopted a harsh zero-tolerance policy (fixed punishment for violations of school rules without consideration of the significance of actions). Zero tolerance pushes students out of the school and into the prison pipeline.  Imagine how damaging suspensions, arrests and jail time can be to a student who has learning or emotional and behavioral issues. 

Even if your student has not had behaviors that have escalated to the juvenile justice system, are their classroom needs being met?  Most educational settings are designed to suit the needs of children and youth who look ideal on paper.  Those with learning disabilities or social/emotional behavior issues fall through the cracks because in some cases, programs don’t exist or are poorly executed and as your child enters high school they are sometimes so far behind they ultimately drop out. Untapped potential, behavior directly tied to your child’s disability in a school setting is a gateway for your child into the criminal justice system.  When trouble arises do you really want to fight this battle alone?


Don’t take chances with your child’s future! Hire Dr. Jacque Philips to fight for justice for your child. 

  • Manifestation hearings

  • Expulsion Hearings

  • IEP Defense


Dr. Jacque Philips doesn’t just walk the walk, but she talks the talk.  Serving as an educator in both general and special education, she can speak first hand about the broken education system in place for not only students with special needs but also minorities.  In fact, most disparities in education impact special needs and minority populations the most.  Still unsure if you should hire an attorney to fight your child’s battle?  Call (970) 302-4294 to get started today!

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